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Why Over 60% of Tanzanians want new Katiba?

Sixty seven per cent of Tanzanians think it is high time for Tanzania to have new constitution while 48 per cent see it is better that the constitution process starting afresh, that is according to Twaweza study.

The report further revealed that, 31 per cent want to go forward with the Warioba Constitution Draft, and at the same time 56 per cent prefer that the constitutional referendum is held even today.

The research was titled Unfinished Business: Tanzanians’ views on the stalled constitutional review process. The data collection was done through mobile phone and 1,745 respondets from Mainland Tanzania were contacted in June to July 2017.

The first draft of the constitution was delivered to president Jakaya Kikwete in 2013.

The research also found that many of Citizens see no end in sight for New constitution in three years to come and 3 in 10 do not understanding what constitution is.

Revealing to journalists and the general public, the Executive Director of Twaweza, Aidan Eyakuze said: “Citizens want a new constitution. Many want to start with a new Commission on a clean sheet of paper. But others are willing to go forward with the old draft Warioba.”

However, Professor Mwesiga Baregu, a well known academicians and policitians from the leading opposition party CHADEMA said that the collected views represents only a small number of all Tanzanians.

While CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary Humphrey Polepole said: “As Tanzanians now we don’t want a constitution but what we need is constitutionalism.”

A constitutional referendum was planned to be held in Tanzania on 30 April 2015. However, delays to voter registration led to it being postponed.

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