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Why Akombe’s Stepping Down Caught Many by Surprise?

Roselyn Akombe

It is no disputed that, the resignation of commissioner Roselyn Akombe from the IEBC caught many by surprise. Her resignation was not only another big blow to Kenya’s Electoral Commission but a clear proof that, the Commission was passing through a very difficult time.

For those who don’t know much about commissioner Akombe, here is a glimpse of her life.

She was born in 1976 at Nyamira County. She studied Education at the University of Nairobi before leaving the country for further studies in the United States.

She pursued her Masters and PhD in Global Affairs at the Rutgers University, after which she got employed to work as an Under-Secretary at the United Nations.

Akombe took a sabbatical leave from the United Nations during her term as IEBC commissioner.

Akombe who also doubled as a senior advisor to the Under-Secretary General (Political Affairs) at the United Nations secretariat in New York, was in a spot together with six other commissioners for overseeing a shambolic election in the August polls. According to sources at the time, she was among three elections managers Jubilee Party wanted out before fresh polls on October 26th. Dr Akombe was accused by Jubilee point men of being a National Super Alliance (NASA) mole.

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