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What Writing is all about?

Originally published on: June 17, 2009

Everyone at one single time must have been a writer of some kind. If you have not written a big academic presentation, then you must have at least written a simple letter either to a friend, member of your family or your beloved one.I am sure that, the one on the receiving end reading your letter, must have understood its intent quite clearly simply because of your unique way of presenting your points. It is this ability of being able to express yourself explicitly with either an individual or a group of people in writing that is what is called writing skills. The proper use of these writing skills enables you to communicate efficiently and effectively.

There are many people out there who possess this writing potential yet they have failed to pursue it further and explore it to the fullest either due to their lack of interest or to the realisation that, writing as a career will not bring in much in return.

So the role of these series of articles, is help you nurture your once discarded writing talent and explore it to the fullest from the social marketing point of view. Gone are those days whereby people would sit down and start writing purely for entertainment purpose only to receive nothing at the end of the day from the readers’ end but just mere compliments. The twenty first century is an era that has seen good writers and great authors getting big rewards for their fine writing.

Part of the series of these articles are therefore going to help you take a step-by-step writing process and teach you what and how and more importantly when to write, and finally teach you how to research market your work and finally sell your work and get paid for what you have sweated for.

Remember, your writing can be done either on full time basis or short time basis; it all depends on your convenience and time flexibility, all is flexible to suite your requirement and time availability that go alongside with any of your engagement.

After going through our series of writing skills articles, hopefully, you will find it easier to write than previously anticipated, and whenever you will feel like writing anything, then you would be able to approach your writing with a lot easiness and pleasure.

We will endevour to make you realise how important it is to possess these writing skills as they are the keys to your ability to express vividly whatever idea that is ringing into your mind.

However, as we move on in our new interesting venture of trying to make a writer out of you for the benefit of exploring your writing ability and also for the benefit of supplementing your financial income, it would be good for you to know it right from the onset that, just like a farmer, a soldier or any other professional who is going to his or her field of work, he or she is entitled to carry with him or her the necessary tools that would help him out in the field. You too as a writer, you have your own tools that you would need to carry with you, and among them all, the most important one is your language command-your ability to express yourself, either verbally or in written form.

Talking of a language we simply mean, one’s ability to express himself or herself effectively in writing, by using proper words to create meaningful sentences that would make clear paragraphs.

The writing business involves combining words to make meaningful sentences. These meaningful sentences if combined would make meaningful paragraphs. Finally paragraphs would give shape to your story or anything that you are intending to write.

Your writing skill is your great asset to increasing your income. Mind you, this is not a language course, but it is a course for those who already have the required communication skills and now they want to bring it into maximum utilisation by writing effectively.

You can grasp our writing drills in English, and apply the skills acquired in any other language, be it French, Italy, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, to mention but a few.

Please keep checking this category for regular updates on this subject. Also feel free to forward your questions and comments which we can always answer them in form of an article. For easy communication, you can write to editor (at)

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