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Ugandan Prison Inmates Paid Peanuts

Ugandan Inmates

Uganda, Kabarole -Inmates at Kiburura prison farm in Ibanda district earn peanuts for their labour. Festo Sambya, the Officer in Charge of Kiburura prison farm, says skilled inmates earn Shillings 500 each day, semi skilled Shillings 250 and the non skilled Shillings 100.

According to Sambya, the money is calculated based on the days each inmate has laboured at the farm and paid out monthly. Asked whether the money is sufficient, Sambya said it is what is provided for in the law.

Sambya disclosed during an on spot inspection conducted by officers from anti corruption agencies led by Irene Mulyagonja, the Inspector Genera of Government. He explained that most of the inmates sent to the prison farm are convicts, who are serving not more than seven years.

“We always send requests specifying the kind of inmates we need,” he said.

According to the officer, currently they cultivate 600 acres of land, where they produce 70 tones of grain. He asked the IGG to support their request to government to support irrigation farming to boost their production.

“We are unable to invest in irrigation because of budgetary constraint, ” he said. The IGG asked the prison authorities to start small as they wait for government support. The on spot check was part of the activities commemorating the anti corruption week.

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