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Ugandan Man Jailed for Seven Years For Boxing Magistrate

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A Ugandan man is to spend the next seven years in jail after he was found guilty of assaulting the Masindi Chief Magistrate, Catherine Agwero during a court session.

The Masindi Grade One Magistrate, Dan Mwesiga found Fred Kyogonza guilty of assault and contempt of court and sentenced him to seven years in jail on Thursday afternoon.

He handed him five years for assault and two years for contempt of court, saying he didn’t show any remorse for his behavior. Kyogonza had pleaded with court for mercy, saying he was first time offender and that he was provoked by the chief magistrate on the fateful and other days when she frustrated his efforts to file his defense.

Mwesiga rejected the prayers, saying Kyogonza should have sought redress from a higher court instead of taking matters in his own hands. It is alleged that on December 13, 2017, while at Masindi court, Kyogonza punched the Masindi Chief Magistrate, Catherine Agwero after she committed him to civil prisons for six months when he failed to clear a debt of Shillings 4.8 million.

While presenting its case, prosecution claimed that Kyogonza jumped from the dock and punched the magistrate several times on the head leaving her unconscious. Prosecution told court that the magistrate was rescued by clerks, prison warders, police officers and some of the people who were present in the court.

Prosecution presented a medical report from Kitara Medical Center showing the magistrate was found to be weak, with severe headache and back ache. It also showed that Kyogonza caused bodily harm to the chief magistrate. Prosecution presented four witnesses to pin the accused.

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