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Uganda Police Bans Joint Opposition Consultative Meetings

Ugandan Age Limit

By our writer.

Uganda, Kampala-Police has banned joint opposition consultative meetings on the Constitution Amendment No 2 Bill 2017, which seeks to scrap the presidential age limit from the constitution.

The Constitution No 2 Bill 2017 seeks to amend article 102 (b) of the Ugandan constitution that caps the president’s age at 75 years.

Early this week, opposition legislators embarked a joint consultative campaign across the country to seek the views of Ugandans on the proposed amendment.  The MPs held two consultative meetings in Kampala led by the Leader of the Opposition, Winnie Kizza where they asked Ugandans to resist the proposed amendment, saying it seeks to introduce life presidency in Kampala.

The meetings attracted numerous opposition legislators who asked Ugandans to stand firm and oppose any attempts by president, Yoweri Museveni to amend the constitution to extend his 31 year rule in the country.. President, Museveni will be ineligible for elections in 2021 unless article 102 (b) is repealed from the Ugandan constitution.

Now, Asumani Mugyenyi, the Director in Charge of Operations Uganda Police Force, says the opposition legislators should be stopped from holding joint consultative meetings. In an October 16th, 2017 message sent out to all Regional Police Commanders, District Police Commanders and all police stations.

“MPs should strictly consult in their constituencies. Those MPs moving or intending to move in order to support counterparts or consult outside their constituencies must be stopped,” reads part of the message.

He also says the “Consultations should not include abusive language, acts of hooliganism, and intimidation of people perceived to be supporting the removal of age limit.” Mugenyi asks Regional Police Commander, District Police Commanders and Officers in Charge of Police Stations to enforce his directive. Opposition legislators have not yet responded to the move by police to stop their joint consultative meetings.

The opposition has in the past accused police of siding with those in support of the presidential age limit removal. The matter came to the fore when police broke up several protests by those opposed to the presidential age limit while giving protection to those in support of the same.

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