Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Two Kenyan Universities closed indefinitely

Two varsities closed in Kenya

Two Universities in Kenya have have been closed indefinitely. The two include, government runned Kenyatta University and a privately owned Daystar University.

At Daystar, the University has been shut down after students boycotted classes for two days.

The students at the Athi River and valley road campuses boycotted classes citing poor state of facilities and an increase in tuition fees.

Meanwhile the closure of Kenyatta University follows unrest witnessed at the campus after students burnt the old admission block, in protest of the newly elected student leaders.

The striking students have come up with what they now term as irreducible minimums demanding that the varsity managements meet them to chat the way forward.

The demands include overhaul of the university’s top management, annulment of the University Amendment Act 2016 to abolish the electoral college in student union elections, and review of university’s policies and student disciplinary procedures among others.

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