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Tanzania to host Commonwealth magistrates meeting

Commonwealth agistrates eeting

Tanzania is expected to host the general meeting for Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association (CMJA), which will be held in Dar es salaam from 25th up 27th of September at the Bank of Tanzania.

The aim of the meeting is to build an effective, accountable and inclusive judiciary system which will include 354 participants from commonwealth countries. This will include United Kingdom, Scotland, Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Tanzania, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and many others. Tanzania as a host country is represented by 50 members who will include judges and magistrates from Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Addressing journalist, Tanzania’s Chief Justice Ibrahim Juma, said that the meeting is aiming at building awareness to the members on different issues such as magistrate freedom, international agreements and contracts, law progress, accessibility of right services, magistrates’ enlargement and their challenges on handling cases will be discussed in the meeting.

Commonwealth agistrates meeting
Tanzania to host magistrates meeting

Apart from the meeting the country and the Tanzanian magistrate will benefit and gain experience on the training workshops on handling cases for the judges and magistrates. Also Tanzania magistrate will experiencing different international judgments on terrorism, poaching and cyber crime cases as they will be trained.

After the meeting, delegates will get a chance to travel to Zanzibar Island as part of appreciating Tanzania’s tourist attractions.

It is also hoped that, the meeting will open some business opportunities for private sectors such as hotels and restaurants.

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