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Stop Holding Kenya in Suspense: Uhuru to Raila

Kenya, Kajiado- President, Uhuru Kenyatta says the opposition leader Raila Oginga Odinga can’t continue holding the country in suspense, saying the fresh polls will proceed as provided by the constitution. Kenyans are expected to return to polls on October 26th to elect their president following the Supreme Court nullification of the previous polls.

However, Odinga who withdrew his candidature from the fresh election has repeatedly called on his supporters to boycott the polls unless government implements electoral reforms. But president Uhuru says the elections will go on as planned.

“Kenya is not about satisfying the ego or dreams of one man (Mr. Odinga),” President Kenyatta said while addressing a huge campaign rally at Kitengela in Kajiado County on Saturday.

Flanked by his deputy, William Ruto, asked Odinga to stop putting Kenya on an endless electioneering mode. He argued that Kenyans need to finish with the election and get back to building the nation. “Kenyans are tired and will not allow to be put in a perpetual electioneering mode,” he said.

Adding that, “Just because Mr. Odinga’s dream hasn’t been fulfilled does not mean the country should come to a standstill.”

Uhuru further urged Kenyans to turn out in large numbers on Thursday next week and exercise their democratic right by voting without fear and assured residents of their safety. He noted that the opposition is free to boycott the October 26 fresh election but they cannot stifle the right of Kenyans to choose their leader.

Uhuru telling Kenyans to vote
Uhuru urged Kenyans to turn out in large numbers on Thursday and exercise their democratic right without fear.

The deputy president, Ruto blasted Odinga for inciting violence against election officials so as to stop the October 26 election, saying his sinister motives will not prevail. “We want to tell Mr. Raila Odinga to stop his supporters, followers and family members from meting out violence against election officials in Nyanza because Nyanza is Kenya,” he said.

He said the violent demonstrations instigated by the opposition where lives are lost and property lost over a democratic process are tools of trade of terrorists, dictators and despots and should be condemned in Kenya.

“I want to state categorically that anybody organizing street riots where property is destroyed and lives lost over a democratic process, organizing violence against election officials – that is the language and tools of trade of terrorists, dictators and despots. We want to say that has no room in independent Kenya,” Ruto said.

The DP emphasized that those who are not ready for October 26 fresh poll should respect those who want to participate so that the country can move forward. He asked residents to come out in large numbers during the fresh presidential election as scheduled by the Independent Boundary and Electoral Commission- IEBC so that they can entrench the country’s democracy and development agenda.

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