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St. Augustine University student wins the 3rd Ebrahim Husseim Poetry award

Ebrahim Hussein poetry prize

The 3rd Ebrahim Hussein’s Poetry Award has ended in Dar es Salaam and Nusura Khaji (21), from St. Augustine University- Mwanza campus emerged the winner of the prize.

Ebrahim Hussein’s Poetry Prize was launched three years ago as a way of honouring the unique contribution of professor Ebrahim Hussein’s poetry work both in Tanzania and East African at large. The organisers of the award say programme, has so far attracted an overwhelming response.
Participants submitted their contribution in different categories such poetry in form of songs, Taarab and Bongo Fleva.

Professor Mugyabuso Mulokozi, who is the team leader of the competition, says this year they have received 143 of submitted work but the judges ended up with 20 entries to the final draw.
Majority of participants are reported to be from Dar es Salaaam, Morogoro, Tanga and Kigoma while 34 are from Zanzibar.

Professor Mulokozi further noted that, in this year’s competition, most participants were teenagers, university students, secondary school students, fishermen’s, drivers, school teachers and other officials from both government and private sector.

The first 20 winners normally take home certificates of recognition, while the top 3 are also rewarded with cash.

Finally the winning poem was titled “Mwana wa Tumboni” (A Son of the Womb), which explains about the way how mother speaks to her inborn. She talks with her inborn about the hardship of pregnant and mother’s role and its challenges. And also she is telling her inborn about how pregnancy is blessing to a women and moving her from loneliness.

Nusura Khaji (21), a winner of the poem entitle, “Mwana wa Tumboni,” –which literary means A sone of the Womb describes her happiness.

“I’m happy to have won this award. I didn’t really expect to be the overall winner of the competition. I just composed my poems for that sake of taking part, but today I’m the winner.”

Nusura urged other Tanzanian youth to promote the use of Swahili language.
The two other winning poetry are “Nchi ya Ahadi” (Promised Land), which talks about the various promises by government officials that are hardly fulfilled. Another winning poem was entitled “Kimbiji” (A Boat).Ebrahim Hussein poetry prize - winner

Ebrahim Hussein poetry prize - new winner

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