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Raila calls for countrywide protest in Kenya

Kenya election re run

In Kenya, talks have collapsed between the electoral commission IEBC, the ruling party and the opposition on how to conduct fresh presidential elections.

The Opposition walked out of the talks amid claims that the ruling party is in the process of changing the electoral law.

In about four weeks time, Kenya will have to face the ballot again after the Supreme Court invalidated the August 8th Elections on the basis of illegalities and irregularities.

In a heated debate in parliament, members of parliament moved a motion to remove a requirement that election results should be transmitted electronically, a measure earlier introduced to curb electoral fraud.

The ruling party says that this amendments to election law would stop the court from invalidating results if the electronic transmission again fails to work smoothly, but still insists they will not in any way alter the processes.

The opposition walked out of talks, aimed at ironing out differences before the next month’s vote. Opposition Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has criticised the move as an attempt to rig the elections in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta. He has called for countrywide protests every Monday and Friday from next week.

The Electoral Body Chairman Wafula Chebukati also called upon President Uhuru Kenyatta Kenyatta and the Opposition leader Raila Odinga to attend the next meeting in person to avoid “sideshows” and hoped that the changes in the electoral law will not affect the upcoming election process.

Next Month’s rerun election has only two candidates, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. The failure of Kenya’s electronic tallying system was the main reason Kenya’s Presidential election was annulled.

The extended election period in Kenya is now a national concern as many feel, it is slowing down the growth of the country’s economy that was initially projected to expand by 5.9 per cent. The first quarter growth was already 4.7 per cent.

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