Monday, June 14, 2021
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Plastic manufacturer seeks compensation after plastic bag ban

Manufacturer demand compensation

A plastic bags manufacturer is now seeking a total of 2 billion shillings as compensation from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources for losses incurred after the plastic bags ban took effect.

Hi-Plast Limited moved to the High Court seeking court intervention lamenting that the ban caused serious losses since the ban took effect.

In the affidavits filed before court through lawyer Eddy Orinda, the company says it would have been prudent if the government allowed it to at least engage in measures to mitigate its loses.

An affidavit sworn by the company’s director Mahesh Dodhia states that the ban seems to have been effected to benefit businesses of friendly manufacturers citing this as discriminatory and malicious.

The petitioner says by the time the Gazette Notice was published in March, 2017; “they were in the process of shipping raw materials and had they been involved, they would have made plans to mitigate losses or refrained from making bulk raw material orders.

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