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Muslim Journalists in East Africa

Muslim Journalists in East Africa

Muslim Journalists in East Africa (MJEA) is a network of Muslim journalists that aims at building the capacity of young journalists in areas such as journalism skills, management and financial sustainability, and new media technologies.

The one-day training will be targeting
some 25 practitioners drawn from 20 media houses

Venue: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Date: 25th November 2017

The overall objective of this training is to strengthen the knowledge and skills base of Muslim journalists in Tanzania’s Mainland and Zanzibar.

Specific Objectives
In order to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the targeted journalists, the training will be guided by the following specific objectives:

  • To raise awareness among Muslim journalists of the challenges that Muslims and Islam face and the special role that they need to play in defending and propagating values of Islam, particularly peace and unity, through news coverage.
  • To improve journalistic skills of Muslim journalists particularly in areas of ideation (searching for an interest news idea), researching, news packaging, social media and ethical values as per Islamic perspective.
  • To facilitate formal networking among Muslim journalists working for Islamic-based media with the intent of later on establishing an association of Muslim journalists in the country.

The training will use numerous approaches including presentations, hands-on practices, discussions, review of media pieces from Muslim owned media, group work, exercises and games and field visit to Imaan Media in Morogoro. However, emphasis will be on practical elements as a way to easily link practicals and theory.

The envisaged capacity building training will produce the following results – outputs and outcomes – as follows:

a) Capacity building for 25 Muslim journalists from 20 Islamic media outlets in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar,
b) Increased coverage of well researched news items and information which promote Islamic values, national cohesion and adhere to professional standards,
c) Raised awareness on the role of Islamic media outlets in promoting and defending Islam values, and
d) Creation of a formal organization/a network that unite Muslim journalists in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

The proposed training will be implemented jointly by the Muslim Journalists in East Africa (MJEA) in partnership with KO Innovates Company. MJEA will be responsible to oversee training sessions while KO Innovates will be responsible to look for sponsorships and manage finances. The training will be managed by the Training Coordinators

The team has capacity to organize the proposed training as it boosts itself of having not only qualified but experienced and exceptional individuals in the field of journalism. The team is made up of experienced broadcasters, who have worked in and outside the country, experienced journalists and editors, university journalism lecturers, and a prominent Sheikh cum political commentator (see attached brief bios of team members).


Muslim Journalists in East Africa (MJEA)
MJEA is a professional group that was simply formed to mobilize members to use their professional expertise to promote the beautiful message of Islam for the benefit of Tanzania and East African region as a whole. The group that started in March 2017 has more than 30 members at the moment.

Ko Innovates Company
KO Innovates Company is a registered event management and publicity firm which focus on customized event planning. KO Innovates has so far worked with many reputable clients including REPOA, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRT), Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa.

KO Innovates Company also organizes and sponsors PINK Hijab TZ and Marriage Conference.

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