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Many Shocked by Commissioner Akombe’s Resignation

IEBC Commissioner resigns

IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe has resigned from the poll body over claims that the electoral commission is under siege, questioning the credibility of the repeat presidential poll scheduled on 26th of this month.

Citing challenges at the electoral agency, Akombe says the repeat elections slated for next Thursday cannot meet basic credibility standards as required by the Kenyan constitution, even as she raised fears for her life over her role in the poll body.

“My decision to leave the IEBC will disappoint some of you, but it is not for lack of trying. I have tried the best I could do given the circumstances. Sometimes, you walk away, especially when potentially lives are at stake. The Commission has become a party to the current crisis. The Commission is under siege.” Akombe said in a statement.

Akombe, who is currently in the United States of America further reiterates that she bowed out of the poll body, after receiving constant threats from unknown quarters.

“The Commission in its current state can surely not guarantee a credible election on 26 October 2017. I dont want to be party to such a mockery to electoral integrity”, part of her statement read.

Akombe added that it was becoming increasingly difficult to stand her ground during meetings that required high level decision making.

“It has become increasingly difficult to appear on television to defend positions I disagree with in the name of collective responsibility. I have concluded that I am no longer making any significant contribution to the Commission and to my country as a Commissioner.”

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