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Magufuli Orders Construction of a Wall to Protect Tanzanite

Tanzanite mine

Tanzania’s president John Magufuli has ordered the construction of a wall that will surround the Tanzanite mining area in Simanjiro area, in the northern part of the country as part of the government’s effort to protect the precious gemstone from being smuggled out of the mine.

The president has ordered the military to help in setting up the wall immediately.

The president is currently on an official tour to Manyara region where he said that, security forces are supposed to help in the construction of the said wall that would start at block A and ending at block D of the same mining area.

Once the construction of the wall is complete, the president further ordered for the installation of CCTV camera that would detect those smuggling Tanzanite from the mine.

“I want the construction of this wall to start immediately. Once the wall is complete, this area will have only one gate for inspection purposes. If anyone swallows the stone, we can easily detect,” said the president.

The president also said, his dream is to see the Tanzanite market being relocated to Simanjiro where businessmen from surrounding mines can easily access the market.


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