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Lowasa Praises Magufuli after their Meeting at State House

Lowasa meets Magufuli

Tanzania’s Edward Lowassa who was the opposition’s flag bearer during the last general election has today¬† visited president John Magufuli at his Dar es Salaam state house. After the duo had concluded their closed meeting, while addressing journalists, Mr. Lowasa started pouring praises to president Magufuli’s leadership, saying that it was doing a great job, adding that he had come to congratulate the president for that. Lowasa’s statement is seen to be contradicting his previous stance when he accused the current administration of having what he said elements of dictatorship.

The visit of Edward Lowasa to his political opponent at state house surprised many. But the shock of the day was when he stood before cameras and started praising president John Magufuli for what he claimed was a work well done.

“First of all, I am so happy to have come to state house, we have had a good discussion. He is doing a great work, that every body can see, he need to be encouraged,” Lowasa said.

This is seen as a drastic change of stance by Mr. Lowasa. It is also happening at a time when the country is witnessing a bigger faction of members from the opposition defecting to the ruling party CCM. There has also been speculation that, a high profile politicians from the opposition wing, will soon cross the floor and join CCM.

On the other hand, it seems like the opposition has now felt the pinch of losing its members, as a result, the leading opposition party Chadema has issued a directive to all its members, to declare their stance before the media as a way of reaffirming their position to the public.

Part of the release read, “following a recent spate of members of Chadema defecting to CCM, I’m ordering all members from Chadema to come out in the open and address journalists by confirm their allegiance to Chadema.”

Lowasa was once a CCM cadre and has held various positions both in the party and the government, including being the country’s prime minister. However, he fell apart with CCM when it refused to endorse him as its flag bearer in the 2015 general election.

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