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Kalonzo against planned move to oust Chief Justice Maraga out of office

Attempt to oust Maraga out

Wiper Democratic Movement Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has scoffed at the move to eject the Chief Justice by the Jubilee regime terming it the highest attempts to emasculate an independent body as the Judiciary.

The Wiper leader says the attempts to ridicule the judiciary “the most respectful institution and the person of justice Maraga” cannot be allowed to happen.

“The attempt to emasculate to ridicule the judiciary the most honorable institutions and the person of Justice Maraga and team I want say as an officer of the court cannot be allowed,” said the Wiper Leader.

Kalonzo says the move to petition the Chief Justice and team in parliament will be met with stiff opposition from Kenyans of good will who envisage a country where the independent bodies are respected.

“The Independence of the judiciary cannot be played with, this is one case I am ready to go back the streets for, even the most notorious dictators respect the judiciary,” said Kalonzo.

Kalonzo says Kenyans have serious questions whether we live in the same country having witnessed such calls in opposition zones but met with brute force with fatalities and injuries at the slightest attempt.

“The events of yesterday were shameful, innocent Kenyans, some en-route to bury their loved ones where inconvenienced for 10 hours, hence proving to Kenyans that police act in partisan manner,” said Kalonzo.

Kalonzo made the remarks after attending the 5th graduation ceremony of South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) in Kwa-Vonza, Kitui County.

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