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Heavy Deployment at Uganda-DRC Border

Uganda Soldiers in DRC border

Ugandan troops have amassed along the Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC border in Bundibugyo district. Truckloads of Ugandan troops and military equipment were seen driving through Fort portal town on Thursday morning heading to the border.

Major Peter Mugisa, the 2nd Division army spokesperson, said the deployment was in response to the recent attack by the Allied Democratic Front-ADF rebels on a United Nations base in the Eastern Democratic of Congo-DRC Capital-Goma.

On Thursday, suspected ADF rebels overran a UN base killing 15 peace keepers and injuring more than 50 others. According to Mugisa, the attack on the UN troops was diversionary, saying the rebels wanted to cross into Uganda. He says they have heightened deployment especially among the major routes used by the rebels.

Mugisa says the army will maintain presence at the border until the situation returns to normal in DRC. ADF is a Ugandan rebel outfit operating in the jungles of the DRC. It is listed as one of terror groups operating in the region. ADF shot to the limit in the early 1990 when it terrorized in Kasese, Bundibugyo and Kabarole districts.

The insurgency claimed more than more than 3,000 people and displaced 100,000. In June 1998, the rebels raided Uganda Technical College Kichwamba in Kabarole district and burnt 80 students alive in three dormitories. In 2013, the same group raised Kamango town, 11 kilometers from the DRC-Uganda border displaced more than 10,000 people.

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