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Health Remains Uganda’s Top Problem-New Survey

Uganda's health problem

Health services remain the top most problem for Ugandan citizens, a baseline Survey by Twaweza has revealed. Conducted between August and September 2017, the Survey shows that six in ten Ugandans cited poor health services as one of the top three problems facing Uganda today.

The other problems are inflation and high cost of living. Four in ten respondents cited inflation as a major problem while one in three cited lack of employment. Also cited by substantial numbers are the poor transport services, hunger, drought, corruption, poor quality education and poor access to clean water.

Just one in 100 cite terrorism among the top three problems in the country. The survey also shows that eight out of ten citizens interviewed says government is doing a bad job at controlling inflation, creating jobs and fighting corruption.

The same study shows that a clear majority of Ugandans (81%) feel the government is not doing a good job of keeping the price of essential goods down. “Similar numbers feel that government isn’t doing well at creating jobs (78%) and fighting corruption (79%),” reads the survey.

The government’s best ratings come from its efforts to reduce crime, where half of the population says government is doing well. “However, even in this case, just one in eight citizens say the government is doing well.”

Adding that, “In all others areas, more citizens thing the government is doing badly thank it thinks it is doing well including maintaining roads and bridges, addressing the quality of education, ensuring free and fair elections, providing water, and sanitation services and the improving the quality of health services.”

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