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Government Announces Plans to Give Worker’s A Pay Rise

Muruli Mukasa

The Ugandan government has announced plans to increase the salaries of all civil servants in a phased manner starting next financial year. The Minister of Public Service, Muruli Mukasa announced the plans at a press conference held at the Uganda Media Center on Monday morning. He explained that the decision to give the civil servants a pay rise was reached in a cabinet meeting chaired by President Yoweri Museveni over the weekend in State House, Entebbe.

According to the Minister, the first beneficiaries of the pay rise include primary school teachers, secondary school science teachers, local government leaders, soldiers at the rank of private to sergeant, police officers from constable to sergeant, prisons warders to sergeant level, security officers at the rank of junior intelligence level, judiciary officers including state prosecutors, health workers as well as all scientists wherever they are in the public service.

He says the other public servants will be captured in the second phase, which will be implemented in the 2019/2020 financial year. Murulu directed the Ministries of Public Service and Finance to come up with the final figures before the end of this year. Muruli said the salaries enhancement will take into account the economic conditions prevailing in the country, strategic government priorities and its sustainability.

He says government has embarked on cost cutting measures including a review of the entire budget to rationalize the budgets of Ministries, government agencies and departments. He appealed to public servants to remain calm as they wait for the final figures that will be released by the Ministry of Public Service.

The proposed pay rise comes follows numerous strikes by different government employees including prosecutors, medical workers, nurses, teachers and university lecturers over pay.

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