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Foreign Nationals Died of Concoction of Pesticides and Herbicides-Uganda Police

Emilian Kayima

The two foreign nationals found dead in two upscale Ugandan hotels were killed using a concoction of pesticides and herbicides, the Uganda Police has revealed.

Alex Sebastian Adreas, a Swedish national was found dead in his hotel room at Sheraton hotel at midday on February 5th, 2018 barely 9 hours after entering the country from Tanzania.

A day later, Finnish national, Tersvuori Tuomas Juha Petteri was also found dead in his hotel room at Pearl of Africa hotel after entering the country on the purported invitation of the Internal Security Organisation. The Uganda Police Chief, Kale Kayihura, says the two deaths are not connected although the toxicology reports point to similar cause of death.

The toxicology reports that were compiled by Forensic scientists at the Government Analytical Laboratory show that the two foreigners had concoctions of chemicals including narcotics, pesticides and herbicides.

Dr. Moses Byaruhanga, the Director Medical and Health Services Uganda Police Force, says a concoction of pesticides and herbicides is lethal and can kill within 45minutes once consumed. He says traces of poisonous substances were found in the stomach, the liver, the kidney, the blood and urine of the two victims.

Police recovered a number of exhibits, which have also been sent to the Government Analytical laboratory for analysis. Kepher Kuchana, the Director Government Analytical Laboratory, says they are still analyzing to establish whether some of the substances found in the bodies of the deceased were part of the exhibits.

More than five people are in custody in connection to the death of the Finish national. However, no suspect has been arrested in connection to the Swede national. According to Kayihura, they are yet to establish the details of the Swedish’s visit to Uganda and who he met.

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