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Another Newspaper Publication Banned in Tanzania

Raia Mwema Suspended

The Tanzanian government has slapped another ban on a weekly newspaper. The operations of Raia Mwema newspaper will be suspended for the next ninety days.This is according to a detailed statement released by the government’s spokesperson Dr. Abbas Hassan. The ban also extends to the online publication of Raia Mwema.

The government says, the suspensio is a result of publishing a story with a headline in Kiswahili, “URAIS UTAMSHINDA JOHN MAGUFULI,” which means , “President Magufuli will fail in his presidency.”

The item was published on the edition of the 27th-3rd of September.

The government further claims that, the newspaper has published false information about the president, although it admits that the newspaper has the right to fair comment in consideration of it being an opinion piece.

This is the third newspaper to be suspended in a span of three months, including Mwana Halisi which was suspended just a week ago.

MwanaHalisi was slapped with a ban of two years after allegedly publishing sedious information that would have jeopardised the Tanzania’s national security.
The Tanzanian media is currently under the government’s spotlight. Early this year, president Magufuli warned that, the media, shouldn’t think that, there is total freedom of the press.

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