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About Us

The East African Tribune is an online newspaper that covers the social and economic issues of the East African region including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and its surrounding areas. The project is a brainchild of young East African journalists who felt the need of starting a medium which, would put to use the expertise of young talented journalist who are either idle or have just graduated from university or college in the three East African countries.

The key motive of launching The East African Tribune is the creation of a conducive atmosphere to practice responsible journalism that in the long run, would build a responsible East African community irrespective of their borders.

The content of The East African Tribune is designed to attract the highest number of page viewers from the whole of the East African region and the entire globe. Our target niche includes segments like that of Business community, Decision Makers, Tourists, University Community, diplomats and so on.

Apart from the issues that would be covered we will also put in place some marketing tools that would make our website a snap. All this is meant to create a successful E-commerce environment that would drive traffic to our website hence making it profitable to our advertisers.

Though the geographical location of the three East African countries is far apart, but the similarities of the socio-political and cultural lives of the East African people breaks all the barriers and borders among them and makes it look too close. Therefore, The East African Tribune is going to strengthen this bond by enabling its members share their opinions and life experiences at the same time appreciating the existing socio and cultural differences.

Finally, this is to remind you that, the success of The East African Tribune online newspaper depends solemnly on your readership support. So please help the survival of the magazine by subscribing and encouraging your friends, colleagues, family members to visit our website soon.