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22 Arrested for Attempting to Join Ugandan Army With Forged Transcripts

UPDF in trouble

Uganda, Kampala- At least 22 young men in Uganda are in trouble for trying to join the Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF using false documents. The applicant were identified by the UPDF recruitment team at Kasana Grounds in Luweero town on Sunday and handed over to police for investigations and possible prosecution.

The suspects were part of hundreds of other applicants drawn from Nakaseke, Luweero and Nakasongola districts seeking to join the national army.  According to a recruitment notice put out by the army, each of the applicants was expected to present their Uganda Certificate of Education and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education certificates, a recommendation letter from their village chairperson and original copy of their National identity card.

The applicants should have successfully completed their ‘O’ and ‘A’ level between 2014 and 2016. But Major Stanley Malisaba, the Spokesperson of the Recruitment team in charge of Midwestern region, said some applicants showed up with forged academic papers and National IDs to join the Army. He said the applicants couldn’t defend their documents when tasked by the recruitment team, which forced them to hand over the culprits to police for interrogations.

Malisaba also disclosed that about ten other applicants suspected to have presented forged papers ran for dear life to escape arrest leaving behind their documents that they have handed over to police to track them down.

The acting Luweero District Police Commander, Rebecca Ayeta, says the suspects face forgery charges. The suspects are in custody at Kasana and Luweero Police Stations. At least 77 applicants managed to make it through the grilling recruitment exercise and were dispatched to Kaweweta Army Training School in Nakaseke district for training.

Recently, UPDF announced a countrywide recruitment drive targeting 4000 applicants. The applicants are meant to replace retiring soldiers.

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